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Proposed New Recommended Standard Specification for Interior Van Securement Devices (WSTDA-T-5)

The proposed, draft Recommended Standard Specification for Interior Van Securement Devices (WSTDA-T-5), is now available for public comment, through Monday, September 30, 2019. All interested parties are invited to review the draft revision and submit a formal comment via the WSTDA Standards Comment/Proposal Form by close of business on September 30, 2019.

CLICK HERE to download the proposed draft WSTDA-T-5

CLICK HERE to download a WSTDA Standards Comment/Proposal Form


Web Sling & Tie Down Association has been recognized as a standards-writing organization by the U.S. Department of Justice. WSTDA policy provides for periodic, planned review of all recommended standards. The "Current Edition" date shown below refers to the date of last revision. All standards and warnings are considered current until such time as they are revised or revoked.

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Publication Publication Code Current Edition Next Revision Date
Web Sling Standard WSTDA-WS-1 2015 2020
Tie Down Standard WSTDA-T-1 2015 2020
Load Binders Used with Chain Tie Downs WSTDA-T-6 2016 2021
Roundsling Standard WSTDA-RS-1 2010 2015 (in progress)
Winches Standard WSTDA-T-3 2015 2020
Thread Standard WSTDA-TH-1 2015 2020
Synthetic Webbing for Slings WSTDA-WB-1 2015 2020
Synthetic Webbing for Tie Downs WSTDA-T-4 2017 2022
High Performance Yarn Roundsling Standard WSTDA-RS-1HP 2016 2021
Strength & Elongation for Sling & Tie Down Webbing WSTDA-TM-1 2019 2024
Web Sling WSSB-2 2019  
Tie Down TDSB-2 2019  
Roundsling RSSB-2 2019  
HPY Roundsling HPRSSB-1 2019  
Nylon WSWT-2 2019  
Tie Down TDWT-2 2019  
Roundsling RSWT-2 2019  
HPY Roundsling HPRSWT-1 2019  
Web Sling WSTDA-WS-2 2015  
Tie Down WSTDA-T-2 2017  
Roundsling WSTDA-RS-2 2005 (in progress)