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WSTDA Events


WSTDA 2019 Fall Meeting
October 7-9, 2019
Intercontinental Montreal, Montreal, Canada


WSTDA 2020 Annual Meeting
May 11-13, 2020
Hilton Salt Lake City Center, Salt Lake City, UT


WSTDA 2020 Fall Meeting
September 14-16, 2020
JW Marriott Savannah Plant Riverside District

Savannah, GA






WSTDA 2019 Fall Meeting
October 7-10, 2019 • InterContinental Montreal • Montreal, QC

The Web Sling & Tie Down Association is headed to Montreal for the 2019 Fall Meeting. This meeting offers insight to the development of WSTDA Recommended Standards and safety warning products for the industry and its users through technical discussion forums, educational and networking opportunities, and participation in WSTDA Technical Committee meetings that are shaping the future of the industry.

WSTDA has also planned a SPECIAL EVENT on Thursday, October 10: Visit WSTDA Member Ben-Mor at their manufacturing facility in St.-Hyacinthe, where web slings, wire rope slings, chain slings and cable assemblies are produced.


2019 Fall Meeting Gold Sponsor

Sponsorships Still Available for 2019 Fall Meeting

Increase your exposure at WSTDA’s 2019 Fall Meeting, and help support WSTDA’s programs and activities by becoming a Meeting Sponsor. Click here for details on sponsorship opportunities.

2019 Fall Meeting Education Session:

Pressure-Proof Your Performance with Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

by Sara Ross

Imagine for a moment that you’ve been given the opportunity to join a “dream team.” Here, you’ll have the chance to leverage your strengths and expertise while doing innovative work that you love. The catch, you will need to collaborate with a colleague that you find very challenging. You know the kind; you dread meetings where they are in attendance, your stress levels spike when their name comes up in your inbox and they regularly become the after-work topic of conversation with your loved ones. So, do you join the dream team? DETAILS

WSTDA Scholarship Program Awards Two Education Grants

WSTDA’s Scholarship Program, launched in 2013 and promoted widely to qualified WSTDA-member employees and their legal dependents, attracted more than 30 applicants, who competed for two merit-based awards of $3,000 each to help with tuition and educational expenses for attendance at a qualified college or university.

The 2019-2020 Scholarship recipients are:

Haley A. Allen, an undergraduate at The University of Oklahoma, is aiming toward a future medical degree and a career in ophthalmology or anesthesia after completing her undergraduate degree and a planned gap year, during which she will work as a medical scribe and travel on medical mission trips. Allen is a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta, a pre-medical Honor Society, has been named to the President’s Honor Roll for six college semesters, and is a member of both the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and the National Spanish Honor Society. She has volunteered with A Broader View, Make-A-Wish Oklahoma, the Genesis Women’s Shelter and other charities. Ms. Allen’s application was sponsored by Bruce Hartin, Ower of Trinity Sling Authority in Arlington, TX.

Mckaylee C. Jenson, a 2019 graduate of Herriman High School, Herriman, Utah, ranked #1 in her class and graduated with a 4.0 cumulative GPA. This fall, Jenson will attend Utah State University as a Presidential Scholarship for Academics award winner to pursue a career in Occupational Therapy, hoping to specialize in working with children with special needs. Jenson is involved in many community activities including the Smart Start Youth Sports Program, Healing Nations Medical Missions, volunteering at her local Roadhome family shelter, and is a Presidency member of her church youth group. In addition to holding down part-time jobs during high school, Jenson is also a three-year varsity letter winner in multiple high school sports. Michelle’s WSTDA Scholarship application was sponsored by Steven Jenson, Regional Sales Manager-West Region for ANCRA International.

The WSTDA Scholarship Program is currently funded by the WSTDA operating budget, and donations are welcome to ensure its continued success. To make a donation, click the above link or contact WSTDA headquarters for information.

NEW! Updated WSTDA Safety Warning Products Now Available

WSTDA has developed a system of warning labels, safety bulletins/warning sheets for web slings, roundslings and tie downs that can be used not only as a warning system, but also as part of a larger occupational training system.

WSTDA has updated its Safety Bulletins and Warning Labels for use with/on Synthetic Web Slings, Polyester Roundslings, and Synthetic Tie Downs. WSTDA is also introducing new Safety Bulletins and Warning Labels for use with High Performance Yarn (HPY) Roundslings.

Following a multi-year process of review and revision of the original Safety Bulletins and Warning Labels originally made available in 2010, WSTDA’s Technical Coordinator, Legal Resource Committee and Technical Committees worked together with a specialist in ergonomics and “human factors” to revise and update these products.

WSTDA Members enjoy significant savings on WSTDA Warning Products. Please note, these items are copyrighted and are only available through WSTDA.


2nd Quarter QUICK PULSE Survey Report Now Available

WSTDA is pleased to provide the "Quick Pulse" Survey report for the second calendar quarter of 2019. The Quick Pulse Survey provides an overall outlook for growth, employment, demand, margin expansion/contraction, supply shortages (labor, goods) and exporting activity in the web sling and tie down industry. It can be a useful tool for analysis by business leaders to gauge the current and future business environment, to help guide their business forecasting and planning.

This "Quick Pulse" survey is intended to give our members a macro-perspective on business conditions within the industry, so that individual members can determine whether their own conditions are representative of the industry as a whole.


Public Comment Requested on Proposed New Standard

Proposed New Recommended Standard Specification for Interior Van Securement Devices (WSTDA-T-5)

The proposed, draft Recommended Standard Specification for Interior Van Securement Devices (WSTDA-
, is now available for public comment, through Monday, September 30, 2019. All interested parties are invited to review the draft revision and submit a formal comment via the WSTDA Standards Comment/Proposal Form.
Web Sling & Tie Down Association has been recognized as a standards-writing organization by the U.S. Department of Justice.

CLICK HERE to download the proposed draft WSTDA-T-5

CLICK HERE to download a WSTDA Standards Comment/Proposal Form

To download a complimentary, single-use copy of any WSTDA published Recommended Standard or Test Method, please visit our "Products/Standards" page.

Webbing Equipment, Supplies Available from Closed Plant

The former Harris Manufacturing Plant in Smyrna, DE has been sold and the new owners are interested in selling the webbing equipment left behind. Equipment includes looms manufactured by SAE HWA; small equipment, supplies, and more. Nominal prices equivalent to scrap value. Buyer must pick up from Smyrna, DE location; sold as-is, where-is.

If interested contact Kaushik V. Shah, or call (302) 545-9242.

Items available are pictured below. Click on each image to see a larger picture.





WSTDA Membership Continues to Grow

WSTDA continues its upward trend in membership, welcoming six new members since we published the last issue of Uplifting News. DETAILS


Country of Origin Rules
by Gerard Panaro, WSTDA Legal Counsel

The rules on “country of origin” are mind-numbingly complicated and you really need professional, competent, expert advice to guide you through them, but this article will attempt as plain, simple and short summary as possible, given the complexity of the situation. The following article is taken virtually verbatim from “What Every Member of the Trade Community Should Know About: U.S. Rules of Origin, Preferential and Non-Preferential Rules of Origin”, last revised May 2004 and available here. DETAILS



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