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Why Belong to a Trade Association?

by Robert S. Jasany, WSTDA Technical Coordinator

One might ask, Why should I or we belong to a trade association?

Well, it starts in high school, by belonging to a sports team or school activity club, and goes on through college and ones professional life. Usually, Trade Associations are not-for-profit organizations that are established to improve ones well-being or that of an industry.

Associations provide strength in unity for the common good of virtually every industry or profession. Members come together for many reasons, including the furthering or promotion of standardization in certain technical areas, to research and study scientific issues, and to lobby legal and legislative matters.

WSTDA provides the platform for its members to have a voice and to establish voluntary recommended standards and corresponding warning products, such as warning labels and safety bulletins, for the manufacturing and safe handling and use of certain lifting and load securement devices.

No other organization in the country is as focused on these product categories and documents, which become adopted by the federal government, regulatory bodies and industry throughout North America.

WSTDAs membership is at an all-time high of 137 organizations on four continents. The organizations continues to grow to better serve the worldwide industry through improved practices and products.

Congratulations for making the decision to belong.


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