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Roundsling Technical Committee Report

by Greg Babinchak, Chairman
John Ketchum, Co-Chair
WSTDA Roundsling Technical Committee

Following years of development, public input and deliberation, the Committee has finalized its draft of a new recommended standard for high-performance yarn roundslings. Following final approval by the WSTDA Board of Directors, the new recommended standard will be published for use by the industry. The Committee will now begin work on a new operating, care and use manual for high performance roundslings.

The Committee is now embarking on a review and possible revision of WSTDA RS-1, the Recommended Standard for Synthetic Polyester Roundslings, and also the companion operating, use and care manual for roundslings, RS-2. Pending revision of these publications, the Committee will work with the Legal Resource Committee to review and potentially update the WSTDA Roundsling Warning Label and Safety Bulletin.

The Committee will hold both a working session and an open forum discussion session during the 2016 Fall Meeting in Chicago. All attendees are invited to recommend topics for the Roundsling discussion forum by submitting their ideas in an online survey found here

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